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Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or frustrated by your business? Do you want to be successful but just don’t know how to get there? Are you certain there is a better way to manage your time and accomplish the tasks you need to do to grow? Do you struggle finding clients? Growing your clientele? Or marketing? Are you trying to balance a family and a business and desperately need help balancing both worlds?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the AKademy is for you! The AKademy is a 12-week course that is specifically built to give you the step-by-step tools you need to be successful in your business.

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Working With Abbey

Keala Jarvis

There was so much that I was going through before taking Abbey’s workshop. I felt like I wasn’t getting the right kind of momentum with my business. I took on EVERYTHING. I had a lack of inspiration and huge doubts in my ability to be a creative business owner. I put my personal life on […]

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Angie Blackburn

I struggled with time management and taking too long to do business related things. I had no plan for my business and felt like it was all over the place. My family was being put on the back burner so I had enough time to do all my work. Teach me your ways. Abbey seemed […]

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Amy Hirshi

Before attending the workshop I was a struggling photographer. I was one of those people who said, “I do photography… like on the side, and I love it!” But afterwards and since then, I proudly tell people, “I’m a professional photographer!” and I live that way! I still work part time while in school but […]

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Meredith Ryncarz

I used to be so much more scattered and forgetful. My biggest frustration prior to meeting Abbey was that I would have post it notes everywhere and still forget things. I was a disorganized mess and I felt like I never had time for my kids which was part of the core reasons I started […]

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Chelsea Peterson

I needed direction to make my goals a reality. I was shooting just about everything, but trying to start specializing in weddings which is what  I was really wanting to specialize in. I had done multiple inspirational shoots to help boost my brand and just kept thinking it would be taking off soon, but it […]

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Breanna McKendrick

Before the workshop with Abbey, I was searching for more specific advice from someone who understood my local market and demographic. I was in my second year of shooting weddings and I had invested a lot of money into my photography education already. But truth be told, most of the larger workshops I had attended […]

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These three weirdos are currently laughing, and talking, and shooshing each other through the floor/ceiling vents. I love these little moments. The times when the schedule loving, desperate for quiet mom in me wants to go hollar “go to bed” but the other mom in me lets it linger on just a bit longer because it’s moments like these that someday they’ll say to each other “remember when” 💛 #abbeykyhl #beyond_motherhood #dailyphoto #honestmotherhood #ig_motherhood #letthembelittle #livethelittlethings #makingupmotherhood #motherhood #motherhoodrising #our_everyday_moments #posttheordinary #teammotherly
It’s funny being a mom. You feel so overwhelmed, so consumed, and sometimes so smothered by your little ones. Literally my daughter will sit on the back of my chair and wrap her arms around me as tight as she can until I’m choking. She’s smothering me in her love and all I want in that moment is a break. We feel this need for a minute alone on the daily, maybe even the hourly. But then when we are gone the intensity of the hole we feel is what is truly suffocating. For me, it’s two sleeps. After two sleeps I start missing them, our house, those arms around my neck so much that I start brainstorming ways to get home sooner. Reasons I would need to rush home. No matter how much fun I’m having away, no matter the amazing people I am surrounded by, my heart just always wants to be where they are. Anyone else feel the same? #momlife #raiseyourtribe #homebody
This...right here. My wish for all my kids. There is nothing more important to me than for them to be the person who is kind, the person who loves others, the person everyone will count as a friend. @lettersandlaurels, my house needs this asap 💛
Today I was setting up for Pinners Conference hauling in way more stuff than I should have been (especially given my fractured ribs) and I have to say I had this moment where I was absolutely shocked. I was carrying in this table all by myself and as I passed more than five young guys I couldn’t believe that they just watched me and didn’t offer to help. Granted it wasn’t heavy, it was just awkward but they just watched me struggle past them. Finally, a grandpa aged man stopped and helped me. All I could think to myself was, “His momma raised him right”. And I couldn’t help but think that a conversation or maybe many over time needed to be had with my boys. I hope all my children always offer help, always offer kindness, and always offer a helping hand. I know had my husband seen a woman today like me he would have helped. He’s pretty amazing like that so I want to make sure my boys grow up to see the need others have by watching him. I think in our world it’s so easy to be lost in our own minds, lost in our phones, but what people need, so desperately need, is human connection and to feel seen. So in a weird way, I feel some gratitude to the men who didn’t help me today because they reminded me of the importance of my job as a mother. And especially thank you to the man who did help me because truthfully I might have looked like I was fine but I was struggling and you were just the help I needed 👴🏼❤️ #kindnessmatters #raisethemright #motherhood #seetheneed
You’re mad. 
Off your head. 
But I’ll tell you a secret...
...all the best people are. 
Perfect Halloween with all my best people 💛
If I could, I’d punch this day right in the face 🤜🏻 Whiny kids, grumpy people, stupid technology and too many emails made me turn into a momster. Let’s all cross our fingers a good nights rest turns the tide on this crabby attitude...but I guess if it doesn’t at least I’ll have all my kids Halloween candy to drown my sorrows in. #momster #monday #watchyoself
I realized something as the hubby and the little brother headed out of town this weekend. These two brothers have never been apart from each other. In nearly eight years they have never spent a night away from each other. A part of my heart melted as I watched them hug each other goodbye. I take for granted sometimes how close they are and how lucky they are to have each other. People ask me all the time how they became such good friends. I think part of it is that they share a room. They’ve had to learn to get along, make compromises, and appreciate one another. But I think a big part of it has nothing to do with anything we have done as parents. These two are just the perfect combination. Where one is week the other is strong. Where one soars the other supports. As a little girl I always wanted a sibling my age, someone to grow up with, and I’m so incredibly grateful these two have each other (and a bonus baby sister) and I pray that never changes. I hope J is always his brothers keeper and I hope T always helps lighten the mood and give his older brother the courage to try new things. But for now we have two boys who are very much missing each other ❤️❤️❤️ #bestbuddies #bestbrothers #meltmyheart
Do you ever miss the days when you could just post any old image to Instagram? Maybe this is just because I’m a photographer or I own a business or something like that blah, blah, blah. But I’m kinda over it. I sorta have this love/hate...scratch that...hate/hate relationship with Instagram. Not because of the gimmicks, not because of the algorithm. Really just because I’m sooooooooo tired of creating a perfect feed. Anyone else feel that way? I just wanna post all the crummy photos of my kids that I take in super crappy light and slap some lame filters all over them and add some super witty over thoughts. I think I might do that...#overit #imbetteronfacebook So tell me this...who are your favorite insta people that you love who just don’t give a care about perfection! I need some new in my life 😘😘😘
Accidentally knocked over my iMac this morning and shattered the screen. I was cleaning my office so obviously #nogooddeed goes unpunished. 😭 I’m also never going to clean my office again. #hoarders. How’s your Friday going? Someone bring cookies fast...this is an #emergency
#askingforafriend Are there any Instagram folks out there that you follow because you just like them as a person? Not your family, not your actual friends, not a business...just a person who you love and feel like they put good into your world?
These days of playing outside are drawing to a close and I'm not happy about it. Snow in September. No thanks. The only thing to now look forward too is family movie marathons which I guess tide me over until next summer because they are full of snuggles on the couch...we are putting together a list of fun movies for the winter...what oldies but goodies do you love?
How's everybody's Monday going? I'd really like to be binge watching Poldark, but instead I'm binge answering emails that I ignored all weekend! What about you? Want to do vs. Have to do???
Hey there! Sorry I haven't posted much the last week. I've been hustling over at @sevensummerscreative! If you are a photographer, videographer, graphic designer or any kind of creative...come check it out! Especially today! We are wrapping up our #tendaysofgiveaways and there are some amazing things to win!!! #sevensummers #sevensummerscreative
I want it all. I want to be an amazing mom and an amazing business owner. I want to chase my big dreams and to be sitting on the sidelines as my kids chase theirs. 
It isn't going to be easy, but it is possible and the longer I have been in business the more I have seen that there are so many others out there who have that same goal. 
Whether its photography, videography, blogging, selling an MLM, graphic design, or one in a million other options, we want to build something that can be a BENEFIT to our families not a BURDEN. I am taking a big leap to not just chase my kids and be with my photography clients, but to also help more of you who have this same big goal, this goal to have it all! There's no reason we can't all achieve the dreams we have. We just need the tools and strategies to make them happen. So if you want to come join us for lots of strategy, tips, blueprints and advice you can put into action...if you want it all too. Come follow along at @sevensummerscreative if you want this too!!! Let's MAKE IT HAPPEN 💛 (if you want to see the full video the link is in my bio - @mass.medium did an amazing job!)
Today's the day! Only 90 minutes until we start sharing 💛
It's just me and these three while daddy's off hunting 🦌🔫 hopefully some pizza and Netflix will keep everyone happy because this momma is tirrrrrrrrrred! #isitbedtimeyet #huntingwidow
I think I could dedicate my entire feed to all the beautiful floral I get to shoot for @overthetopevents.ut. Especially when it includes these two 👰🏼🤵🏻 @ingramhaileyjones @tannerjones12 @akstudiodesign #utahweddingphotographer #utahweddings #saltlaketemple #utahbridals #bouquet #josephsmithmemorialbuilding #templesquare