Angie Blackburn

I struggled with time management and taking too long to do business related things.

I had no plan for my business and felt like it was all over the place. My family was being put on the back burner so I had enough time to do all my work.

Teach me your ways.

Abbey seemed so real; she was a mom and had a really successful business. I wanted to know what she had to teach me.

My biggest lessons and takeaways from the workshop have been:

SYSTEMS! They have helped me so much with my time management.
SPECIALIZING! Narrowing down what I am passionate about has helped me be more successful in those areas.
NOT WORKING ON WEEKENDS! I tell people I work Monday through Thursday and they are usually OK with that. Then it leaves my weekends for family time.
Why have I been scared to take chances with my business?!
I learned that need to quit being SCARED, and just get out there and take charge of what I want in my business and in my life. Good things start to come my way when I don’t let fear take over.

I knew I needed to get my business under control but I felt like I didn’t know where to start.

My business was all over the place before Abbey’s workshop. I was taking any clients that came my way, and I was working whenever they wanted me to do their photos. I was working sometimes 6-7 days a week on shoots, and then editing late into the nights to get it all done. Abbey took me step by step through everything I needed to do to get organized. I was accountable to finish what she asked before moving on to the next step. Yes, it was a lot of work on some of the steps, but I now have systems in place that help me to get more work done in a lot less time. I no longer work on the weekends and I will be raising my prices in September so that I can work smarter and not harder. I also now only take on the clients that I want to be working with and say no to the other I don’t. I have already seen that I have more time for my family and my business is doing well. My senior season will be starting soon and I am hoping that since I have gotten all of these new strategies in place I will be able to have my most successful season yet.

I feel like I can accomplish a lot more now that I am comfortable where my business is at.

I am working on getting more and almost exclusively high school senior clients. I want to be the most sought after senior photographer in my area. I am submitting to the top 100 senior photographer contest through senior style magazine along with all the best senior photographers in the industry. I hope to be chosen as one of these 100 to add credibility to my business. I want to continue to raise my prices and become more a boutique styled photographer and continue to work with local companies for advertising and exposure.

What I love about Abbey is she is REAL and genuine.

She truly cares about what happens to you and she wants you to be successful. This is a great course for moms because she puts family first and is still so successful at her business as well as her family. You will learn how to get what you want by making goals and working to achieve them in a realistic way.