Keala Jarvis

There was so much that I was going through before taking Abbey’s workshop.

I felt like I wasn’t getting the right kind of momentum with my business. I took on EVERYTHING. I had a lack of inspiration and huge doubts in my ability to be a creative business owner. I put my personal life on the back burner, big time; which resulted in neglecting my husband, family, friends, health, etc.

I was interested in Abbey’s workshop because I really like to learn about business & marketing.

After following Abbey’s work for so long I knew a workshop with her would help cover not only my need to learn business & marketing skills, but also fuel my creative side again.

My biggest lessons and takeaways from the workshop have been:

  1. To treat my photography career as a BUSINESS, and in turn know my worth as a photographer and business owner
  2. Learn to say NO to the things that don’t make me happy
  3. Learn how to get genuine inspiration by turning off the noise in my life that is distracting me.
  4. Create a business plan to be successful.

And in the process of it all, I gained a great new network of friends!

I remember after the first day of the workshop I cried.

Not tears of sadness, but of relief. I was sitting in my car with a notepad full of notes and ideas with tears streaming down my face. For so long I had the goals and the drive to do photography, but didn’t have the right tools to get me there. I cried because after  just one day of the workshop, I knew in my soul that I could do this; not only to succeed in my business, but also in my life and relationships. I walked out of that two day workshop a whole new woman.

I’ve made some major changes, inspired by the workshop, that have bettered my life.

I made business hours & restricted my social media. I was able to spend time with my husband on the weekends. We no longer have our phones on after a certain time of night to make sure we connect every single day. I even took off all notifications of almost everything on my phone. My mindset completely changed and in turn boosted my confidence in my business, pricing, and marketing. That alone has been a huge tool in absolutely every situation and goal for my business. Also a major step is that Abbey gave me the courage to pick and pursue the niche market that I wanted, and the results since I’ve switched have been absolutely amazing for me creatively and as a business

My goals were originally not as focused.

Since participating in Abbey’s workshop and AK Work Day I’ve adjusted goals to be towards the niche market I want, giving me more direction and drive.

If you are serious about your photography business, you NEED to take a workshop from Abbey.

Every photographer I’ve met through Abbey has helped raise the bar in the photography community. I feel that if we had more photographers treating their business as an actual BUSINESS then the value of what we do would increase.