Meredith Ryncarz

I used to be so much more scattered and forgetful.

My biggest frustration prior to meeting Abbey was that I would have post it notes everywhere and still forget things. I was a disorganized mess and I felt like I never had time for my kids which was part of the core reasons I started a photography business in the first place.

I wanted to serve both my family and by clients.

I became interested in this workshop because I wanted to build a better business and a better life for my family. I was also just starting into wedding photography and I wanted to better serve my brides.

My biggest lessons and takeaways from the workshop have been:

I needed to have a system in place, something that handled my tasks and automated many of the things I was forgetting to do on my own. I learned to outsource much of what I hated doing or didn’t have time to do.
To treat my business like an actual business, and not a just a hobby.
Schedule time off to just be mommy.

Abbey’s story and motivation spoke to my heart.

The biggest thing that still resonates with me is Abbey’s story about her children wishing she could be there for them. That cut to the heart of why I felt so frustrated as a business owner and a mom. I felt like she truly knew what she was talking about, that if she could run a hugely successful business and still be the wife and mom she wanted to be, it was possible for me to do as well. It was a great encouragement to me. The printed quote she gave us now hangs on my office wall as a reminder of that – “I made goals, and then I made choices that matched those goals.”

My life is now one that I want to have.

Since attending Abbey’s workshop I have made the decision to narrow my focus, and am in the process of a creating a brand that resonates better with brides. Since doing that, a major change is that I am booking more of my ideal clients, and that I have been booked solid since January. That allowed me to take less clients in the summer months and to take most of July off to spend with my kids when they were home from school. I no longer want to just be passionate about taking pictures; I want to have a successful business working with clients that I love. I now only photograph sessions that fit within my business model, which now allows for me to be family-focused, rather than confused and directionless. My life is now the one that I want. I enjoy my work, I have time for my kids and my husband, I take days off, and I get more sleep.

My business has doubled in the last year because of her workshop.

If you are a mom and a business owner then you need to take a course with Abbey! I love that she will not only encourage you but also be upfront with things that are holding back and hurting your business. She is truly genuine in her love of helping people.